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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Should I or Should I NOT?

Should I do THIS?
cheap uggs

Just across my mind to make custom made shawl..
the material is plain chiffon shawl and ribbon..'
and also jarum and benang la of course.
the cost is not too much,tapi saye jahit tangan laaa.
lambat sket..
So probably selling it for RM20.ke mahal eh?
so korang vote la..
and sila abaikan perepuan dalam gambar!!
and lagi satu,bile ade riben ni lagi senang nak bentuk the shawl taw my dear~


Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Pre-Loved Items on SALE

I'm cleaning my closet for few items..kasut2 and heels will be updated later..tinggal kt rumah laa..so all items are below <RM30 ye sayang2 sume..mari2 habeskan semuanya!!

Jimmy surf yellow shirt
buy @ RM15
now RM 5
Used twice
MNG black vest size M
buy @ RM60
now sell @ RM25

Blue Long Dress size M
Buy @(not rememeber)
sell @ RM10
Used twice